• Scientific center in the field of cardiology, cardiac surgery and therapeutic areas.

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  • Long experience
    Research Institute of Cardiology was established in 1977. Indicators of the Institute's activity in recent years show the high demand of the population for all types of medical care, from consultation diagnostic care to day hospital - conservative cardiology and therapy, cardiac surgery and rehabilitation.
  • Patients are at the center of our news
    The clinic has successfully passed JCI international accreditation, which is the most authoritative and objective recognition of the quality and safety of services in a medical organization. It confirmed the Organization's compliance with international medical and administrative standards and requirements for ensuring patient safety.
  • High professional skill
    Highly qualified specialists, M.D., Ph.D., M.D., masters of healthcare, who are well-known in our country, have improved their education in near and far abroad, and have a lot of experience work in our institution.
  • Modern technologies
    Our institution performs open heart cryoablation, transcatheter aortic valve implantation, LVAD, hybrid surgeries, and video capsule endoscopy. A thoracoscopic station with a 3D image was installed, which allows for minimally invasive operations on the heart valves and coronary bypass surgery without piercing the chest cavity. A unique device is activated - the Gamma Camera.